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Water can be a very destructive force when it intrudes into areas where it should not be, such as your basement. Without any protective measures in place, flooding can lead to serious structural damage, damage to personal property, and mold and mildew growth that may threaten your health. Sump pumps are an essential part of maintaining a dry basement and avoiding the potentially disastrous effects of water damage. For all of your sump pump needs in Marblehead, Salem, Swampscott, Nahant, and the surrounding areas, you can count on Bartlett & Steadman.

Need to replace your old sump pump or install one for the first time? Need help troubleshooting a problem with your existing pump? Bartlett & Steadman is only a quick phone call away at (781) 365-5828.

Sump Pump Installation & Replacement

Sump pumps work by collecting water from the lowest point of your home, such as your basement or crawl space, and forcing it out into an appropriate drainage space. If you are having trouble with water pooling in your basement and you don't already have a sump pump, now is the time to call Bartlett & Steadman to have this critical flood avoidance system installed. We can also replace your current sump pump if it has reached the end of its service life and/or repairs are not a cost-effective solution. Replacement is the only solution in situations where the sump pump was overwhelmed leading to a complete burnout of the motor.

Sump Pump Repair Service

Some sump pump issues can be resolved with a repair or maintenance service. For example, a sump pump may stop working correctly if the pit has filled up with dirt and debris, or if the float that turns the device on and off becomes jammed. Clogged or frozen discharge pipes are another common culprit behind sump pump problems. If you need help figuring out why your sump pump isn't working, we can help!

Call today if you need help troubleshooting any of the following common sump pump problems:

  • Sump pump won't turn on
  • Sump pump constantly runs
  • Sump pump runs, but there's no water in the sump pit
  • Sump pump is making unusual banging or grinding noises

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