Pressure Reducing Valves

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Pressure Reducing Valves

WHO needs a PRV?
Anyone who owns a house should have a Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV). Water pressure fluctuates throughout the day with demand in the neighborhood, the valve will not only help protect your fixtures and appliances, but will also help reduce water use.

WHAT is a PRV?
It acts as a buffer between high pressure water mains and a resident’s supply line. The water main pressure is reduced by a PRV to a safe level for home appliances and home plumbing systems.

WHEN do you need a need a PRV?
If the pressure is above 80 PSI you need to install a PRV or have your existing PRV checked by a licensed plumber. You need a PRV if you experience banging in home water pipes (known as “water hammer”) when flushing the toilet or using water. You can check your water pressure by attaching a pressure gauge to a garden hose. High pressure may potentially cause leaks in pipes, water heaters, and irrigation systems, and may cause premature wear in appliances.

Pressure reducing valves help reduce water use.

WHERE should the PRV be located?
A PRV should be installed between the water meter and the house inlet. Water that enters the PRV from the water main is constricted within the PRV’s valve body and is then sent through the inner chamber. Even if the water pressure fluctuates, the PRV maintains a relatively constant flow of water at a functional pressure.

WHY have a PRV?
When fixtures such as a faucet, washing machine, dishwasher, or spigot are opened, water flows out driven by the pipe’s water pressure and are under that pressure all of the time. But no fixture was designed to be under more than 80 PSI. High water pressure wears out fixtures prematurely and can cause fixtures to fail causing floods. The speed of water flow from the opened tap is determined by the amount of pressure in the system at that time. The higher the pressure the stronger the water force, and the higher the water usage. Plumbing code requires water pressure past a residence’s meter not to exceed 80 psi.

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